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Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Computer knowledge is very rich in a variety of office software proficiency in 2000, MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer); on the network structure (01-04 years Netcom telecom, banking, corporate private network and other networks have done a lot of options recommended), Internet, Software engineering and services a complete understanding and experience; planning, organization and coordination ability; Versatile; trade restrictions weak! A wealth of sales, project operation experience!Have some organizational skills and resolve incidents and complete the tasks assigned by superiors ability. With a strong sense of responsibility and good professionalism, good attitude, strong team spirit, adaptable, proactive, patient and meticulous; cheerful, doing things carefully, good communication skills, have an affinity. Optimistic and positive, curious, thoughtful, there is a certain self-learning ability and practical ability, the courage to meet the challenge! The first two are objective reasons was forced to leave work (because the company is not a contract, an adjustment because the corporate structure), I am looking for a stable job, hoping to force the company a long time to play my strengths.1, the national logistics specialist vocational qualification, leading communications service logistics division of work experience in the engineering field of logistics management has obvious advantages; two years, more than twenty independent project management logistics; ten million investment in the project logistics and program management experience planning experience;
2, an independent management team's experience, committed to participate in the supply chain management.Perfect Wedding Dresses
3, if the right opportunity , place of work limited to Guangzhou.Although I have not full-time education, but has maintained excellent grades, because I know that I expect to get not just a piece of paper qualifications. Work will continue to have problems and difficulties arise, through a variety of ways to solve the problem is my goal-oriented.
Eight years office administration and human resources experience; six-mail and on-site translation business experience, Save on Your Wedding-Part two years of cashier experience. Familiar with the contract business translation and translation. Comprehensive knowledge structure, to understand basic financial knowledge, legal knowledge,
administrative and human resources knowledge. With a strong coordination and management skills, good literary skills and English translation skills. Proficiency in office software.Excellent integrated marketing practitioners, 9 years of rich experience in marketing of home appliances + 2 + 3 years to expand the company business executives sanitary materialsProfessional skills and expertise
* Professional competence: the use of IMC in the domestic market have their own understand, master MARKETING and SALES theory, practical experience.
* Management: professional theoretical knowledge and years of work experience, so that their handy work in the company management. Make A Bridal Shower Card Can effectively deal with the daily administrative, operational matters, but also decisively to solve all kinds of emergencies calmly. Some Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding
* Ability to cooperate: As good communication, coordination, both in their daily work, leadership, unity and employees, and can effectively coordinate with clients, government departments and news media relations, to establish a long-term cooperation and trust.
* Innovation: strong planning, innovation and ability to creatively solve the problem, advertising promotion effect is obvious, often management, the company promotion. Has a strong re-learning of new products, new industries, new jobs, can quickly grasp.

business management control systems

Have some insight and foresight, the overall economic environment and its trends have their own analysis and reflection.Strong sense of responsibility, practical work hard, good interpersonal and communication skills.In macro-economic research, strategic planning and implementation, marketing planning, brand strategy, promotion of communication, marketing, public relations, business management control sytems to provide a specific implementation plan and strategy. Choosing Flowers By Season
Professional skills and expertiseThe commercial market situation, competition pattern and future direction with in-depth research on Chinese consume electronics and home appliances market, fast moving consumer goods, e-commerce, real estate, department stores, logistics and other industries, market size, business and so has practical experience . Status of the Chinese market, macro-economic environment and its trends have their own analysis and reflection.
With marketing, economics, business management control systems, information management, knowledge and experience; fully understand the multinational operations and management;Flexibility to adapt to different environments, have a good team spirit.4 years experience in marketing, promotion planning (advertising & public relations), handling the planning of the implementation of the project more million.Occupational levels: serious, meticulous, responsible, respected hard work, team spirit and harmony and co-workers know how to appreciate the strengths of others and learn.Individual level: self-motivated and full of curiosity, humility, optimism.
Expertise in job skills: planning, strategy, writing, communication.1, 8 years experience in marketing planning, has served as a salesmanWedding Planning cleverjoe , business executives, marketing managers, project managers and other roles, has accumulated a large number of network marketing, marketing communications, project planning, industry, organized and successful experience in planning, etc. ;2, able to finish the operation of small and medium sized projects, from business negotiations to strategic analysis, Own Personalized Wedding Card data collection, budgeting, program writing, impact assessment, and supervision of project implementation;
3, can be developed independently according to business goals and implement various programs, including media strategy, online promotion and offline activities, industry research, etc.;4, has a good ability to integrate internal and external resources, with independent operators of small and medium-scale e-commerce site's capabilities;5, involved in new services and new products flat Industry Association,Choose A Wedding Florist Guangdong, Guangzhou Institute of Optical West race the whole process of preparation for the operation;6, with the media inside and outside the optoelectronics industry, research institutions, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City Best Wedding Venue , and associations have a good working background and contacts;7, has a good level of computer and English vocational qualifications and e-commerce division, cars C1 licenses;8, good professional ethics and due diligence work that I do every professional attitude.

good organization and mobilize the team to complete the mission objectives

Years of work and management experience in the logistics industry, proficient in foreign trade, supermarkets, warehouse logistics score, rich management experience in the high shelves;
Master the professional knowledge of logistics wedding dress details andy and inventory management, has extensive experience in program development and implementation of data responsive;
Familiar with the operation of distribution and warehouse management processes, to understand the production process and supply chain trade, there is considerable financial base;
Good communication and organizational skills, good organization and mobilize the team to complete the mission objectives, pretty Wedding Bouquet resilience and strong pressure;
Good character, responsible, proactive, meticulous and efficient, hard working, integrity and dedication;
Shanghai-born, dual degree, mid-level international logistics specialist, fluent English speaking and writing, intermediate computer, understand the ERP management software;1 cheerful, optimistic, careful, rigorous, excellence, wedding cakes lily full of enthusiasm and responsibility. Have good communication and organizational skills and stress resistance. Good guidance staff and set an example which has a strong appeal and cohesion, and easy access to staff support. Words quick, fast-paced environment at the same time deal with and under the excellent variety of tasks. .
(2) is responsible for assisting the company manager for other systems and process improvement, organization or between companies regularly in overseas companies with headquarters or telephone conference will explore, in order to achieve continuous improvement goals. Wedding Dresses With Modern Twists
Professional skills and expertiseI have 8 years of customer order management, project management , vendor development, raw material planning, production planning, import and export business experience, good English speaking and writing skills, strong MRP concept is very familiar with MRP / ERP , SAP system and associated operating system and the entire logistics supply chain management processes. very good computer skills, especially those with a strong use of Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and MRP / ERP systems (Forth Shift, Mapics, Symix, SAP) for the data various reports to make the ability to analyze and judge.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Certified Purchasing Manager

- 6 years working experience in Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical (a member of Johnson&Johnson).
- C.P.M.(Certified Purchasing Manager) by ISM USAcasual wedding dresses.
- Cross experience in New Product Introduction, Sourcing and Planning.
- Master degree of Chemical Engineering and minor degree of Business Administration from Xian Jiaotong Universitybeach wedding dresses • 10 years’ experience in manufacturing, supply chain & logistics in international company;
• Lean experience in CI promotion, TPS tools training, and project prioritization in Production Control and Logistics;cheap evening dresses
• Certified PMP, cheap wedding dressescross functional experience with manufacturing, quality, supply chain;
• Hands-on experience in shop floor;
• 6 sigma Green Belt;cheap prom dresses
• MBA, Xiamen University of Fujian


Open minded

Activity, Confident, hard working. Open minded, Good listener, Easy to get on well with. Honest. Marathon fans, good at self-motivated and self-control,chi hair straightener “never give up” is my slogan. senior public relations managechi flat ironr, focus in PR field more than 8 years, passion,kindness, responsible, high quality and qualify, great communication skill, deep understanding of china local media and handle the good releations with the key media and the related government office, professional experience of brand PR and product PR expecially in IT, ecommerce and FMCG fields. A results-oriented investment professional with a solid track record of executing investment transactions and on-plan projectcheap wedding gowns asset management; handling complex negotiations; and managing multiple real estate projects and JV partner relationships simultaneously.
Career cheap prom dressesObjective:cheap nike shoes
Assest Management and Investment Company; Real Estate Investment Trustsoftware life

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Euro Trades Near Lowest Since 2006 on Concern Growth to Slow

The euro held near its lowest level against the dollar since April 2006 even as European finance ministers sought to assuage concern that spending cuts to combat the region’s debt crisis will derail growth.
The single currency weakened the most against the South Korean won and the South African rand before a German report forecast to show deteriorating confidence among analysts and investors in Europe’s largest economy. Australia’s dollar held near a three-month low after central bank minutes of its May 4 meeting damped expectations for continued interest-rate increases as policy makers warned about effects from Europe’s fiscal crisis.
“Sentiment towards the euro remains very weak for good reasons,” said Paul Robson, a senior foreign-exchange strategist at Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc in London. “That’s going to send it below $1.20 in the month ahead.”
The euro was little changed at $1.2404 as of 8:27 a.m. in London, from $1.2395 in New York yesterday, when it fell as much as 1 percent to $1.2235, the lowest since April 18, 2006. It climbed to 115.19 yen from 114.77 yen yesterday, when it reached the least since May 6. The dollar climbed to 92.87 yen from 92.59.
Australia’s currency was little changed at 87.77 U.S. cents after touching 86.86 cents yesterday, the least since Feb. 9. The euro dropped 0.6 percent to 1,421.197 won and the same percentage to 9.3102 rand.
Spending Cuts
Euro area policy makers last week unveiled an unprecedented loan package worth nearly $1 trillion and a program of bond purchases to forestall defaults by countries including Greece, Spain and Portugal.
Spain unveiled on May 14 the biggest cuts in at least 30 years and Portugal followed a day later, pledging to slash wages and raise taxes. Italian officials said May 16 it may make an extraordinary reduction in spending and France is slated to submit spending plans this week.
Only high-deficit countries including Spain and Portugal will be ordered to make additional deficit cuts, while budget policies will remain untouched in better-off nations such as Germany and Finland, European finance ministers said after a meeting in Brussels.
“Not everyone will accelerate consolidation in a very uniform way,” European Union Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn told reporters early today in Brussels. “That would lead to a very restrictive fiscal stance for the euro area as a whole, which would risk depressing economic growth.”
Relative Strength Index
The euro dropped 8.8 percent this year against its developed world counterparts, according to Bloomberg Correlation Weighted Indexes. The common currency rebounded from a four-year low yesterday after the European Central Bank explained how it would absorb excess liquidity from bond purchases.
The euro’s 14-day relative-strength index, a measure of how rapidly prices rise or fall, was at 24.01 today. Readings below 30 are a signal that an asset’s value has dropped too fast and is poised to rebound.
The euro also came under pressure after the U.S. Senate voted for a measure that would require the Treasury Department to certify that International Monetary Fund loans to highly indebted countries get repaid. The IMF is taking part in the euro-zone bailout.
The Australian dollar was near its three-month low on speculation the Reserve Bank of Australia will slow down the pace of interest rate increases as Europe’s debt crisis threatens to stall the global economic recovery.
‘Signaling Slowdown’
“Increases in interest rates to date had been timely” with signs that the moves were “beginning to affect behavior” of consumers and home buyers, RBA officials said in minutes released today in Sydney of their May 4 meeting.
“The RBA is signaling a slowdown in the pace of rate hikes ahead, giving way to the kiwi for which interest rate expectations are gradually rising,” said Akira Maekawa, a senior economist at online currency trader Global Futures & Forex Ltd. in Tokyo.
Losses in the euro may be tempered as European policy makers signaled they will provide enough funds for Greece to pay its debt as scheduled.
Greece will receive 14.5 billion euros ($17.9 billion) in the first installment of emergency European Union loans today, a Greek Finance Ministry official, who declined to be identified, said yesterday in Athens. In Brussels, EU spokesman Amadeu Altafaj confirmed the bloc will send the first loan tranche today.
The funds will arrive one day before 8.5 billion euros of bonds come due and will cover the country’s financing needs for May and June, the Greek official said.A troupe of little vagrants of the world
footprints in my words
puts off its mask of vastness
one song
kiss of the eternal

5-Year-Old YouTube Tops Networks’ Primetime With 2 Billion Views

Epicenter Mind Our Tech Business
5-Year-Old YouTube Tops Networks’ Primetime With 2 Billion Views
America’s Funniest Home Videos may have pioneered the YouTube concept, but as the site reaches the five-year mark, its audience size is no laughing matter. YouTube’s viewership now exceeds that of all three networks combined during their “primetime” evening time slot, with more than 2 billion views per day, Google announced Sunday.
Granted, YouTube’s numbers come from worldwide views, while ABC, CBS and NBC broadcast their primetime channels within the United States. But this is a significant milestone nonetheless, and hints at an eventual tipping point when the internet could become the world’s dominant video-delivery system, Mark Cuban’s predictions aside.
Google also trumpeted some other key stats: People upload over a day’s worth of video to YouTube every minute; the average user spends only 15 minutes a day on the site, which YouTube would like to increase in part by renting full-length films; and YouTube has broadcast live sports to more than 200 countries.
To celebrate its fifth birthday, YouTube asks the site’s users to upload videos of how the site has affected their lives, some of which will appear on a specially curated channel. In addition, celebrities including Conan O’Brien — whose best next career move might be to become official curator of YouTube — marked the occasion by posting a playlist consisting of their favorite videos (view his above).
Should the networks really be worried about being overtaken by YouTube? Yes and no. They own their content, YouTube has professed a wish to lengthen viewing times. Licensing currently-airing full-length network television shows (in addition to the older shows they currently license) would be a great way to do that. And the networks are in a more favorable negotiating position than the record labels were when they made similar deals, due to Hulu (ABC and NBC) and already attracting large audiences for that content.
Perhaps a more serious threat to the networks is that YouTube is changing our viewing behavior, and that our viewing habits on the computer will soon migrate to the living room.
Plenty of set-top boxes already play high-definition and even 3-D YouTube videos on a television set. When Google unveils its next-generation set-top box, possibly as soon as Wednesday’s I/O Conference, in partnership with DishNetwork, Intel and/or Sony, YouTube will assume an even greater presence on the television. Even if the networks continue to hold back their full episodes of new shows from on YouTube, users could come to prefer a higher percentage of direct-to-internet content on their televisions.
As paidContent founder and editor Rafat Ali tweeted Monday morning, Conan O’Brien seems “a lot funnier on the internets” than he did on network television, and O’Brien recently joked with a roomful of Google employees about a world without television networks. Who knows, five years from now, O’Brien could be hosting his own show on YouTube, rather than fretting about his terminated NBC contract.
“I don’t know what television’s going to be five years from now. There’s a lot of people that think you’re just going to experience it all through your server, and people don’t even know how the business is going to change,” said O’Brien, who should know, as a longtime television host and writer-producer of the Simpsons.
“There might not be really network television as we know it — wouldn’t that be sweet.”we were dear to each other
peace in my heart
mighty desert
you miss the sun
sands in your way